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  • Bruce’s 1st Time Sucking With Marty – Active Duty – Men of Gay Military Porn

    Marty’s already on the bed, jerking his joystick as Active Duty’s scene opens and director Mike confirms that he’s alright. Then we hear Mike whispering something off camera, but we can’t make it out. We figure that he’s conspiring with Bruce to get him into the action. Strapping straight new recruit Bruce has never tasted a man before, so it might take some convincing. Sure enough, Mike soon tells Marty that he’s got Bruce here and he’s “gonna’ try to talk him into doing something.” As soon as he says that, Bruce cuts in, “I told you I ain’t gonna’ do that.” Oh really? “Why don’t you just try it for a little bit?” Mike asks. “Uh… I don’t get on that,” Bruce replies.

    “It ain’t bad, is it Marty?” Mike says, clearly hoping a little encouragement from him will help his cause. “Nah, it’s not that bad,” Marty says as he continues to stroke. “Why don’t you give it a try,” Mike says to Bruce, again. “Nah,” Bruce says, “Sorry man.” So, Mike sweetens the deal: “What if I turned off the camera? Would you do it then?” Well now, this is getting interesting. “Yeah.. I’ll try it,” Bruce says. Jackpot! “I’ll turn the camera off,” Mike says. “Ok, it’s off,” Mike tells Bruce. “Are you sure?” Bruce asks. “Yeah,” Mike assures him. Of course, the camera is still on and getting all of this, obviously.

    In comes hunky Bruce in his tight-fitting blue jeans, who saddles up next to Marty. He grabs on to Marty’s cock and takes a lick, quickly making a face and grimacing. He licks around on the head a little bit, taking some of it into his mouth, trying to get used to the feeling of having a pole between his lips. We hear little choking sounds coming from Bruce’s mouth, which is funny, since he’s barely taking more than an inch or two of Marty’s tool into his mouth. “It’s not bad is it Bruce?” Mike asks. “Not that bad,” Bruce answers as he bobs up and down on Marty’s package. Mike then says, “Can I turn it back on?” (meaning the camera), and Bruce nods, “Yeah.”

    Bruce picks up the pace a little bit as Marty places his hand behind Bruce’s head to guide him down. Mike tells Bruce to lick Marty’s balls and then asks him to see how much of Marty he can take. Amazingly, Bruce takes almost all of Marty’s rod down his throat, only choking a little bit. What a trooper!

    Ever crafty, Mike tells Bruce he wants him to take some lube and work it onto his fingers and then finger Marty’s asshole. Bruce immediately agrees and goes at it. He starts with one digit and then after Mike tells him, he puts two fingers in. Things move fast at Casa Mike, that’s for sure!

    Mike interrupts to ask Bruce if he would be willing to top Marty tomorrow, and he agrees! Mike sure can get these straight boys across the line in record time! Well, we look forward to seeing Bruce’s explorations in the coming days and weeks, but until then, he has a dick to finish sucking!

    Hilariously, after some more head-bobbing action, Bruce turns to the camera and asks, “Is that enough? My jaw hurts.” And you know what, we believe him! Mike tells him that he’s done a good job and it’s enough (for now, mwah ha ha). Bruce slips off the bed and lets Marty finish himself off.

    Wait until the end when you hear Mike and Bruce talk about getting a dick up his ass… You’ll have to listen to find out what he says!

    Bruce’s 1st Time Sucking With Marty – Active Duty – Men of Gay Military Porn – Photoset

    Bruce's 1st Time Sucking With Marty - Active Duty - Men of Gay Military Porn - Photo #1

    Bruce’s 1st Time Sucking With Marty – Active Duty – Men of Gay Military Porn – Photo #1

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